The Hope Burns

How can we make GIS available to Land Agents without GIS experience?

The Land Man In the charming town of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, between 2010 and 2012, a knock on the door carried an extraordinary weight of expectation. During this era, as America’s real estate landscape slowly mended from a severe recession, families across the nation watched helplessly as their financial security and dreams disintegrated. But in Williamsport, cradled by gentle hills, each knock at the door wasn’t just a visit – it was a harbinger of hope. […]

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Managing Work with Smartsheet

In the thick of our careers, especially in fields as demanding as construction and engineering, it’s often a challenge to separate work from personal time. I recently experienced this firsthand. This story might sound familiar… As she catches your blank stare, something clicks in her – she’s seen that look a dozen times before. “The holidays are here, you know. How about we forget work for a bit?” she says, her voice soft but firm. […]

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If you believe Smartsheet is just an expensive version of Excel, you might want to reconsider after reading this.

Sure, think of Smartsheet as a high-powered tool belt, not just a hammer like Excel. While Excel is great for basic tasks, Smartsheet is like having a whole set of tools that work together. It’s built for teams who need to keep track of projects with lots of moving parts. It automates the repetitive stuff, talks smoothly with other programs like ArcGIS, and keeps everyone on the same page in real-time. It’s more about managing […]

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Smartsheet Consulting

Use Smartsheet to Boost Contractor Collaboration

“If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plan” – Every Contractor, Ever. In the construction industry, working together across different teams and companies can be tougher than in most other fields. It’s like trying to get everyone on a construction site, from the guy operating the crane to the architect, speaking the same language and moving in sync. That’s the kind of challenge we’re talking about. Let’s talk about ‘SIMOPS‘ before we […]

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Add a Map to Smartsheet

How to Add A Map to Smartsheet

Embedding a map in Smartsheet is only a part of the equation. Read this article to better understand how to add GIS to your workflows.

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