The Land Man

In the charming town of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, between 2010 and 2012, a knock on the door carried an extraordinary weight of expectation. During this era, as America’s real estate landscape slowly mended from a severe recession, families across the nation watched helplessly as their financial security and dreams disintegrated. But in Williamsport, cradled by gentle hills, each knock at the door wasn’t just a visit – it was a harbinger of hope.

Here, land agents stepped into the spotlight, dramatically altering the course of lives. For some, they were bearers of unexpected prosperity, transforming age-old family lands into bastions of newfound wealth. But for others, the absence of these agents bred a complex mix of frustration and envy. The mere presence of a land agent suggested that beneath the humble soil of your ancestral farm, fortunes might have been silently burgeoning, awaiting discovery.

These were transformative years for me and many of my peers. Time blurred as nights and days fused under the fiery glow of methane flares that lit up the hills. In my eyes, hope burned fiercely, illuminating a vision of transformation where once lay impoverished lands. The question hung in the air: Could my family be next? We pondered converting our hay fields to make room for the promising industry, watching as neighbors evolved their modest trailers into dream homes and upgraded old Ford Explorers to luxurious Cadillacs. We yearned for the gold rush to reach us with the same swiftness it had blessed our southern neighbors.

With bated breath, we eagerly anticipated the day the land man would knock on our door, a day that would mark the beginning of our journey towards prosperity.

Breaking Ground

“My family’s entry into the natural gas pipeline world was more by chance than design, sparked by my uncle’s transformation from a humble mason helper, known as the ‘mud man,’ to a respected figure in the industry. His journey, marked by the shift from a rusted Toyota Tacoma to a shiny, jacked-up Dodge 2500 and a home upgrade, became a beacon of hope and aspiration for me. His success led me to my first job with Precision Pipeline, setting the foundation of my career.

My uncle’s path wasn’t smooth, marred by layoffs and technological upheavals. His struggle with adapting to computer-based work eventually led to his dismissal, a moment that deeply impacted me. It was a stark reminder of the often-overlooked needs of hardworking tradesmen in the face of rapid technological change.

This experience fueled my resolve. At Skyway Consulting Co., we aimed to bridge this gap, creating technology that resonates with the hard hat and steel-toe boot crowd. Our breakthrough project involved integrating Smartsheet with GIS, transforming cumbersome file geodatabases into a streamlined, easy-to-navigate system. This innovation wasn’t just about efficiency; it was a tribute to tradesmen like my uncle, ensuring that technology in our industry serves the people on the ground as much as it does those in the office.

Our solution made tracking and negotiating land parcels, like the ones shown on the map above, a seamless process, reflecting changes in real-time. This achievement was more than a professional milestone; it was a fulfillment of a promise to me and to the spirit of the blue-collar worker. It’s a testament to Skyway Consulting Co.’s commitment to making technology work for every man and woman in the field, keeping the legacy of people like my uncle alive and well in every innovation we introduce.”

Through Skyway, I aim to continue offering hope, not only to tradesmen but to Land Agents as well. Our flagship ArcGIS and Smartsheet integration revolutionized the field for Land Agents, offering a solution that empowers them with GIS capabilities without needing extensive training. The integration features include:

The Integration

The features of the Smartsheet and GIS integration include:

  • Smartsheet Work Apps: This is like having a personalized dashboard for each team member. When they log in, they only see the information they need – no more sifting through complex spreadsheets. It’s like having a custom-made toolbox where every tool is exactly where you need it.
  • Smartsheet Dynamic View: Imagine transforming a messy, hard-to-understand spreadsheet into a clear, user-friendly interface. This is what Dynamic View does. It’s like turning a complicated wiring diagram into an easy-to-use control panel.
  • Smartsheet Control Center: Think of this as a master template for your projects. It ensures that every project follows a consistent, tried-and-tested pattern. It’s like having a blueprint for success that you can use over and over again.
  • Smartsheet Data Table: Need specific data about a property, like the owner’s name or market value? With Data Table, just input the Property ID, and the rest is automatically filled in. It’s like having a magic formula that pulls out all the necessary details without the legwork.
  • Smartsheet Data Mesh: This feature combines all your data into one place. It’s like taking pieces of a puzzle from different boxes and putting them together on one table, making it easier to see the big picture.
  • Smartsheet Data Shuttle: This moves your data from Smartsheet to OneDrive, prepping it for the next step. Think of it as packing up your tools and materials, ready to be used at the next job site.
  • OneDrive & ArcGIS Integration: OneDrive acts as a temporary holding area before the data is moved to ArcGIS. Imagine moving your project materials to a staging area before they are used on the construction site. ArcGIS Online then hosts the integrated data, serving as a secure and accessible place to store and view your project information. It’s like having a digital map where you can see all your project data laid out geographically. The map is embedded into your Smartsheet dashboard. 
Smartsheet and GIS integration
Smartsheet and GIS

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