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The Hope Burns

How can we make GIS available to Land Agents without GIS experience?

The Land Man In the charming town of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, between 2010 and 2012, a knock on the door carried an extraordinary weight of expectation. During this era, as America’s real estate landscape slowly mended from a severe recession, families across the nation watched helplessly as their financial security and dreams disintegrated. But in Williamsport, cradled by gentle hills, each knock at the door wasn’t just a visit – it was a harbinger of hope. […]

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Managing Work with Smartsheet

In the thick of our careers, especially in fields as demanding as construction and engineering, it’s often a challenge to separate work from personal time. I recently experienced this firsthand. This story might sound familiar… As she catches your blank stare, something clicks in her – she’s seen that look a dozen times before. “The holidays are here, you know. How about we forget work for a bit?” she says, her voice soft but firm. […]

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