In the thick of our careers, especially in fields as demanding as construction and engineering, it’s often a challenge to separate work from personal time. I recently experienced this firsthand. This story might sound familiar…

As she catches your blank stare, something clicks in her – she’s seen that look a dozen times before.

“The holidays are here, you know. How about we forget work for a bit?” she says, her voice soft but firm.

You feel a bit of annoyance at the suggestion, like it’s just that easy. But deep down, you know she’s got a point. “Alright,” you agree, “Some fresh air might do the trick.”

Your eyes wander over to your work boots, giving them a nod of thanks for the break they’re about to get. Then you spot those Hey Dude shoes she got you last Christmas, barely worn because work’s been non-stop.

Cranking up the truck, your mind drifts back to work. That packing slip and the missing parts nag at you. If those parts don’t show, the crew’s stuck, and you can’t let the boss down – not again. You cave and check your email, just to be sure. And there it is, sent and sorted. Relief washes over you.

You’ve always told the crew, ‘Work stays at work,’ but here you are, struggling to do just that. It’s high time you took a real break, but man, it’s easier said than done.

This story is a testament to the challenges we face in achieving a work-life balance. But it also highlights the solution – leveraging tools like Smartsheet. With Smartsheet, you can ensure that work progresses efficiently, even when you’re not physically present. It’s about setting up systems and automations that keep the wheels turning, giving you peace of mind to enjoy those well-deserved breaks. In my experience, integrating Smartsheet into our workflows has been a game changer, allowing me and my crew to truly say, ‘Work stays at work,’ and mean it.”


  • Customized Smartsheet Integration with Existing Systems: We specialize in seamlessly integrating Smartsheet with your existing systems, such as ArcGIS or other GIS platforms. This integration ensures that all your project data is centralized and easily accessible, reducing the stress of managing multiple disparate systems


  • Advanced Automations Setup: We can design and implement advanced automations within Smartsheet. This includes automating routine tasks, setting reminders for critical deadlines, and creating triggers for project milestones. These automations reduce the manual workload and help keep projects on track without constant oversight.


  • Training and Best Practices Implementation: Our team provides comprehensive training in Smartsheet, focusing on formulas, automations, and best practices. By empowering your team with the knowledge and skills to effectively use Smartsheet, we help reduce the learning curve and the associated stress, enabling a more efficient and confident workforce.


  • Real-Time Data Integration and Reporting: With our expertise in integrating real-time data feeds, such as GIS and state tax data, into Smartsheet, we ensure that you have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips. This real-time integration aids in making informed decisions quickly, reducing the anxiety of waiting for critical data updates.


  • Ongoing Support and Solution Architecture: Beyond initial setup and training, we offer ongoing support and solution architecture services. This includes regular reviews of your Smartsheet setup, adjustments to align with evolving project needs, and providing expert advice to tackle new challenges. Our goal is to ensure that Smartsheet continues to be a stress-reducing, efficiency-enhancing tool for your business.


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